Roosevelt High School Class of 1963
Minneapolis, Minnesota



F. Lundquist died 1979
T. Jambeck died 1980
Jack Newton retired 1986
Robert Wolk retired 1997
A. Whitlock died 1985
V. Kaupang died 2001
A. Jolly died 1981
M. Mcgrath left in 1970 status unknown
E. Sanders retired 1978
M. Arnenson retired 1998
M. Holmquist retired 1972
S. Telecky left in 1965 status unknown
B. Antholz died 2008
V. Straka died 1983
V. Stephenson died 1984
M. Doherty died 1987


J. Heller retired 1987
W. Benson died 1998
M. Skaurud retired 1977
R. Johnson died
D. Heath died 1988
P. Petrou died 2002
C. Bechthold died
R. Johnston died 1991
T. Turk left in 1967 moved to Oklahoma current status unknown
D. Martini left in 1966 (got married) current status unknown
M. Harrington died
A. Cowens died
L. Osterhus died 1979
C. Lobdell died 1982
W. Courtney died
E. Haynes died 1982


N. Dalin left in 1965 status unknown
L. Swadner died 1972
S. Kaplin left in 1965 (got married) current status unknown
F. Steinseth status unknown
D. Erickson died 1973


A. Brenny died 1981
K. Schwebel retired in 2004 in Decorah, IA
J. Jennings died 2002
D. Mielke died 1978
W. Knutson retired 1981
C. Hansen retired
T. Ohno died 2002
D. Martin retired 1980
L. Eakins died 2010

J. Shetler left in 1965 status unknown
J. Osberg retired 1995
T. Valvik died 1998
M. Halron died 1994
J. Thornton retired 1989
A. Cannon retired 1984
R. Blake died 1990
O. Yngve died 1989
H. Riemenschneider died 1993
M. Weum died 1974


J. Socha died 1983
P. Forsyth died 1995
A. Swanson died 1964
C. Hutchins died 1965
O. Henning died 1981


A. Paus retired 1992
H. Wagner died
L. Gardner left in 1966 status unknown
D. Johnson status unknown
E. Olson died
G. Springer retired 1992
A. Baardseth died 1977
M. Wiest retired 1983
L. Rice died 1971


O. Hollenbeck died 1998
R. Lind retired 1995
L. Adams died
C. Luke status died 2002
W. Lundell retired 1984
S. Johnson died 2000
J. Sullivan died 1999
J. Saxton retired 1989
D. Iverson retired 1985
L. Brick died 1981


J. Jovaag status unknown
K. Comley died 1988
B. Eggebratten status unknown


K. Peterson died 1995
R. McWaters died 1990
P. Speakman left in 1968 status unknown
R. Lovold status unknown

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