Roosevelt High School Class of 1963
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Big Screen Hits of Our High School Days

Top-Grossing Movies of 1960
1. Let’s Make Love, Marilyn Monroe
2. Swiss Family Robinson, John Mills
3. Psycho, Anthony Perkins
4. La Dolce Vita, Marcello Mastroianni
5. G.I. Blues, Elvis Presley
6. Macumba Love, Walter Reed
7. The Alamo, John Wayne

Top-Grossing Movies of 1961
1. 101 Dalmations, Rod Taylor (voice)
2. West Side Story, Natalie Wood
3. El Cid, Charlton Heston

Top-Grossing Movies of 1962
1. Dr. No, Sean Connery
2. Girls! Girls! Girls!, Elvis Presley
3. Kid Galahad, Elvis Presley
4. The Premature Burial, Ray Milland

Top-Grossing Movies of 1963
1. Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor
2. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Spencer Tracy
3. From Russia with Love, Sean Connery
4. It Happened at the World’s Fair, Elvis Presley
5. Fun in Acapulco, Elvis Presley

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