Roosevelt High School Class of 1963
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Roosevelt Class of ’63
Reunion History

1968   --    The Thunderbird Motel,

1973   --    NCO Club,
            Ft. Snelling

1983   --    The Thunderbird Motel,

1989   --    The Decathlon Club,

1993   --    Radisson South Hotel,

2003   --    Hilton Minneapolis Airport,

2008   --    Airlake Airport,

2013   --    Minneapolis Airport Marriott,

2018   --    Bloomington Event Center,

Class of ’63 celebrates 55 years
since getting their diplomas

A gathering of 130 grads and their guests the evening of June 22 was the highlight of the 55-year reunion for our Roosevelt class. Held at the Bloomington Event Center, the event afforded classmates plenty of time and opportunity to work the room in search of old friends from their school years dating back even earlier than their careers as Teddies.

The day before the get-together, an 18-hole scramble was held at Gross National Golf Club in northeast Minneapolis. Twenty-seven golfers teed it up, and the winning threesome of Ron Broman, Clark Johnson and Mike Lanigan shot a five-under-par 66.

While a count of slightly fewer than 100 ’63 grads turned out, the Friday social event and its hors d’oeuvres table is still the magnet that attracts ’63 grads from far and wide. One might notice that interest is waning as the years go by, but don’t tell that to those who attended the reunion festivities.

“Marsha and I haven’t lived in the Cities since 1966, and it’s always a joy for us to walk in the door and see all the ‘kids’ who greet you at the table and get you set up for the evening,” enthused Myron “Mouse” Berg, whose wife is a Southwest ’64 alum. They drove from their current home in Greeley, Colo.

“We appreciate all the kids you get to talk to, some you knew very well and some you didn’t know at all,” Mouse continued. “I always enjoy reconnecting with Nancy Williams Nelson, who was in Wendell Benson’s homeroom with me and we were good friends.

“But I also enjoyed talking to Peggy Hanson [Campbell], who I didn’t even know back in high school. She was very gracious, and it was just very nice to meet her after so many years.”

For her part, Peggy observed, “I believe the opportunity to see old friends and meet those you never even knew now that we are 70-plus is a selling point. I met people I hadn’t known and thought, gee, I wish I had known them better back in ’63.”

Peggy and husband Rod Campbell call Georgetown, Tex., their home. But they also have a small apartment in south Minneapolis at Becketwood, where her 92-year-old mother lives. They spend summers and other times with her mother, who is also named Peggy.

“I don’t think you can count me as an out-of-towner,” Peggy declared. “I am already here during reunion times. Except for the 50th, I don’t think I would come back to every reunion.

“Having said that, I was delighted this time to see some [classmates] I had not seen since high school and thought I would never see again.”

One person you count on seeing whenever there’s a next time is Mouse, who said, “I got word of a possible 75th birthday party in two years. I’m in favor of it. And if I’m healthy, I’ll be there. Promise.”

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